Driving down Flamingo road, you can’t help but notice the bundle of abandoned loft homes as you near the I-215 freeway.

They’ve been there for over five years, after all. It is only natural to wonder what is to happen to the unfinished condominiums. With the housing market at a standstill, would they sit deserted until the economy rebooted itself? Would the city tear it down and build a shopping center?


Rest assured. Your questions have finally been answered.


Previously the Luxe Lofts, an unfinished project that went bankrupt in 2009, the homes were saved from foreclosure by BondRok Partners in 2011, a Los Angeles based real estate development firm. Renamed The Modern LV, the property was purchased for a reduced price of $6.75 million and transformed into a modern Mecca in the desert. Condominiums are price around $250,000 and housing options range from roughly 1,000 to 3,000 square feet with 83 units featuring one to three bedroom floor plans. Units come complete with high ceilings, a terrace, balcony and a world-famous Las Vegas Strip view.


If that wasn’t enough, The Modern LV offers a plethora of amenities you’d see at one of Las Vegas’s famed five-star hotels. One question remains for the homeowner, however: Is a spa, gym, pool, pet park, gated security, underground parking, media center and concierge worth the hefty price tag?


We say yes<.>


There’s one thing Las Vegas natives and locals need to take into consideration: Las Vegas is growing and with that growth, catering to a different style of living than we’re used to seeing. Mimicking the lives of Metropolitan cities such as San Francisco and New York, Las Vegas is changing. Why not change right along with it?


 By Maggie Leon






The Modern LV
8925 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, Nev. 89147
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