Music Shifting lifestyles

Control Your Brain Through Sound…..


If you have trouble sleeping, focusing, or relaxing Brain Shift Radio may be your answer.


Director Jeff Strong of Brain Shift Radio created a website to sooth the brain with music as a form of medicine. As an ethnomusicologist he dabbled in the history of auditory rhythm and its affects on neurological function for a decade, studying and understanding therapeutic approaches in society. He discovered “The physiological mechanisms at work are so powerful that experimentation by each culture resulted in a common finding: You can affect consciousness, cognition, and behavior by employing only two specific rhythmic techniques. One consists of a repetitive pulse while the other employs complex rhythmic structures.”


The website is easy to follow with its simple design that feels like Pandora Radio for the mind with all the different stations you can create. But instead of music recommendations based on what you want to listen to, Brain Shift Radio goes further by allowing the listener to control their mood and consciousness by a click of a button.


The music stations and mixes are controlled by various settings depending on what mood and feeling you want to accomplish. To begin it asks one simple question, “How would you like your brain to shift?” Then you choose…


  1. 1) I’d like to boost my brain.
  2. 2) I’d like more energy.
  3. 3) I’d like to meditate.
  4. 4) I’d like to lift my mood.
  5. 5) I’d like to be calmer.
  6. 6) I’d like to improve my focus.
  7. 7) I’d like to sleep.


Based on your response it then provides a subcategory that elaborates on how you’re feeling, and diagnoses you with a playlist. The music is split between Rhythm and Ambient sounds, then broken down furthermore. Strong calls the development Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI), “A music-medicine therapy that stimulates and synchronizes the listener’s brain.”


After sampling the playlist I noticed a slight change in my mood, but wasn’t sure if it was a placebo effect where I was telling myself how I was going to feel by what I chose or actual change. Continual usage is suggested for best results and there’s a 30 day free trial so you can find out for yourself. But once you’re hooked subscriptions are $6.99 a month or $59 a year.




By Maggie Leon