Motorized Coolers: Evil Knievel Meets Intoxication

At first glance, Cruzin’ Coolers look like trouble waiting to happen.


A college kid’s dream, this obviously-meant-for-tailgating motorized scooter comes with an attached cooler.


Sound too good to be true? We know it is.


A great addition to your social lifestyle, Cruzin’ Coolers are ideal for events and outings. Small enough to take camping, for example, or to festivals, parks, and beaches, Cruzin’ Cooler is the perfect way to keep food and drinks cold and transportable, without the strain of a heavy cargo. Practical for storing goods, but sexy enough on the streets, the crew at Cruzin’ Coolers encourages consumers to use them just for the fun of it – the ride<.>


It was in Houston, Texas that inventor Kevin Beal came up with the idea while attending a Nascar event. He took note of spectators either dragging around their coolers or carrying them on their shoulders and jumped at the opportunity to design a product that would make life a little easier: Add wheels and a motor, and suddenly you’ve got a practical mini-fridge you can drive around. The rest is history.


Each Cruzin’ Cooler is small enough to fit inside a standard trunk, but large enough to fit over 24 beverages including room for ice. The coolers range from $160 to $1,400 with different watts, styles and colors. Gas and electric battery models leave options open, with battery life ranging from six to 10 hours depending on speed, driver weight and terrain. Cruzin’ Cooler also offers custom coolers which include features such as: backrest, seat-pad, a drink holder and an attachable trailer hitch for those extra ride-alongs.


With all the different options, why would you ever lug around a bulky box o’ booze?


Endorsed by celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres and featured on the Rachel Ray show, this convenient little invention has started a trend that seems to be speeding up, not slowing down.


Well, speeding up to 13 mph max.


By Maggie Leon





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