Sam King for Master of Ceremonies

You don’t need us to tell you that Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world.


But if you didn’t know, it’s also a huge music hub. The Electronic Dance Movement (EDM)? You can thank Las Vegas night clubs for that.


Consequently, Vegas is also the home of a few very rare gems in the underground music world. One of which is Sam King, better known as SK4MC (Sam King for Master of Ceremonies).


King is a Vegas native who believes in the magic of hip-hop.


“I’m friendly to EDM. I listen to EDM, but I stay true to my roots,” he said.


On his newest project, FALL (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), King is looking to incorporate certain aspects of the EDM sound to create his own flavor of present day hip-hop. Merging the new with the old, he is focused on bringing attention back to the world of hip-hop through creativity and innovation.


With four albums behind him and a slew of singles, the future looks promising for the up-and-coming artist. His future plans include rerouting to Los Angeles where he can focus his efforts on the production of FALL while still maintaining his residency in what he hails as “the best city in the galaxy,”  his hometown of Las Vegas.


More than just a hip-hop artist, King holds a bachelor’s degree from New Mexico State University where he played football for the division one university. A bellman at The Cosmopolitan by day, King is flooding the underground circuit with his intelligent rhymes and soulful beats.


His most recent performance was at DunkXChange, a sneaker and hip-hop convention where his local following flooded the floor of the Sports Center of Las Vegas. Past shows include Beauty Bar, Gypsy Den, The Lobby Lounge inside of The Palms Hotel & Casino, The Artisan Boutique Hotel and with CollectiveZOO, at The Up-Do event this past spring.


His next performance will be at A3C Hip-Hop Festival at the Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia. As he continues his trek to the top, King asks a simple favor: SK4MC.


Check out King’s latest video “Personality Cypher” HERE.


By Rebecca Buttle





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